Hand Colored Reproductions

These Pieces are images from my current collections: ON COMMON GROUND, Women From All Over The World; EARTHSCAPES, Mythical Landscapes and Window Images; SPIRIT ANIMALS, Animal Symbols, and Totems; and my newest, MAGICAL BOTANICALS.

These are hand colored and signed reproductions, framed under glass, in my hand painted frames. These pieces are 16x20 inches, each piece is $160.00 plus shipping and handling. Contact me directly for pricing if you need items shipped outside of the continental US.

  In the Spirit of the Horse 2  
On the Wind 2 Four Seasons 3 Four Seasons #2
Wolf Loyalty Leads to Courage Mythical Garden Earthscape X
Mythical Cactus They Bask In Moonlight In The Spirit Of Wolf
Earthscape #3 Bear's Path is Introspection Moon Over Flowers
Raven Love Touched By The Great Joy Of Life Spring Moon #2
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