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I've added two new and exciting designs to the cutting boards: Cosmic Vegetables and Magical Botanical 6, both are pictured in the top of the illustration to the left.

These tempered glass cutting boards feature my artwork and are offered in a 9x12 inch size for $38.00 plus shipping or a 12x16 inch size for $58 plus shipping. See order options at the bottom of the page.

My collage art pieces are a combination of water color, colored pencil and oil pastel on specialty papers and canvas. I am currently working on three collections: EARTHSCAPES, celebrating the six directions, ON COMMON GROUND, a collection of multicultural women, and SPIRIT ANIMALS. These Collections are interconected by legend, pattern, texture and color.

I am offerring these images in hand printed and crafted tempered glass. Each image is embedded in the glass under extreme pressure. I supervise, color correct and size each piece. They are functional as well as being decorative wall or window pieces and can be used as a cutting board or serving trivet.

cosmic vegetables magical botanical #6  
Cosmic Vegetables Magical Botanical 6  
checkered cactus elements of spirit mythical cactus
Earthscape 6 Magical Botanical 2 In The Spirit Of The Horse 2
checkered cactus elements of spirit elements of spirit
Spiritually Connected Elements of Spirit In The Spirit Of The Horse
checkered cactus
Mythical Garden Checkered Cactus Moon Over Flowers
On the Wind #2 Four Seasons #3 Aquatic Life
A Path With Heart Four Seasons #1 Wolf Loyalty Leads To Courage
mythical cactus
Earthscape #3 Bears Path Mythical Cactus
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Shipping in the continental USA is $6 to $18 depending on the quantity of cutting boards ordered. Please contact me for pricing if you need quantities not offered here or shipping outside of the continental USA.
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12 x 16 inch, $58.00
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9 x 12 inch, $38.00
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